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RNASET2 (ribonuclease T2) is an enzyme which belongs to theRNase T2 family. It is highly expressed in the temporal lobe and fetal brain.RNASET2 gene is a novel member of the Rh/T2/S-glycoprotein class ofextracellular ribonucleases. It is a single copy gene that maps to 6q27, aregion associated with human malignancies and chromosomal rearrangement.Defects in RNASET2 are the cause of leukoencephalopathy cystic withoutmegalencephaly. An infantile-onset syndrome of cerebral leukoencephalopathy.Affected newborns develop microcephaly and neurologic abnormalities includingpsychomotor impairment, seizures and sensorineural hearing impairment. Thebrain shows multifocal white matter lesions, anterior temporal lobe subcorticalcysts, pericystic abnormal myelination, ventriculomegaly and intracranialcalcifications.

The RNASET2 provided by our company is arecombinant protein expressed by mammalian cells, with high purity, goodimmunogenicity and high biological activity.

Product details:

Cas#: LM-129
Form: liquid
Constituents: Recombinant human RNASET2 was dissolved in 1 xPBS(pH7.4)
Concentration: 1-2mg/ml
Shipment: ice bag
Source: A DNA sequece encoding the human RNASET2(NM_003730.4) fused with a affinity tag was expressed by HEK293 cells.
Molecular weight: Recombinant human RNASET2 migrates as approximately 36-42 kDa band in SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.
Purity: >95% (determined by SDS-PAGE)
Storage: 4℃ for frequent usage,-20℃ for long-term storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Figure: rnaset2