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Endoglin (CD105) is a 90 kDa type Itransmembrane glycoprotein of the zona pellucida (ZP) protein family. Endoglinand betaglycan/T beta RIII are type III receptors for TGF beta superfamilyligands, sharing 71% aa identity within the transmembrane (TM) and cytoplasmicdomains. Endoglin is highly expressed on proliferating vascular endothelialcells, chondrocytes, and syncytiotrophoblasts of term placenta, with loweramounts on hematopoietic, mesenchymal and neural crest stem cells, activatedmonocytes, lymphoid and myeloid leukemic cells.

Asan accessory receptor for the TGF-β superfamily ligands, endoglin binds TGF-β1and TGF-β3 with high affinity not by itself but by associating with TGF-β typeI I receptor (TβRII) and activates the downstream signal pathways. Inaddition, in human umbilical vein endothelial cells, ALK-1 is also a receptorkinase for endoglin threonine phosphorylation, and mutations in either of thetwo genes result in the autosomal-dominant vascular dysplasia, hereditaryhemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). Endoglin has been regarded as a powerfulbiomarker of neovascularization, and is associated with several solid tumortypes.

The Endoglin provided by our company is a recombinantprotein expressed by mammalian cells, with high purity, good immunogenicity andhigh biological activity.

Product details:

Cas#: LM-403
Form: liquid
Constituents: Recombinant human Endoglin was dissolved in 1 xPBS(pH7.4)
Concentration: 1-2mg/ml
Shipment: ice bag
Source: A DNA sequece encoding the human Endoglin(NM_001114753.2) extracellular fused with a affinity tag was expressed by HEK293 cells.
Molecular weight: Recombinant human Endoglin migrates as approximately 80-90 kDa band in SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.
Purity: >95% (determined by SDS-PAGE)
Storage: 4℃ for frequent usage,-20℃ for long-term storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Figure: endoglin