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β2microglobulin also known as B2M, is a component of MHC class I molecules,which are present on all nucleated cells (excludes red blood cells ). Inhumans, the β2 microglobulin protein is encoded by the B2Mgene.

β2microglobulin lies beside the α3 chain on the cell surface. Unlike α3,β2 has no transmembrane region. Directly above β2 (thatis, further away from the cell) lies the α1 chain, which itself isnext to the α2.

β2microglobulin associates not only with the alpha chain of MHC class Imolecules, but also with class I-like molecules such as CD1 and Qa.

Product details:

An additionalfunction is association with the HFE protein, together regulating theexpression of hepcidin in the liver which targets the iron transporterferroportin on the cytoplasmic membrane of enterocytes and macrophages fordegradation resulting in decreased iron uptake from food and iron release fromrecycled red blood cells respectively. Loss of this function causes iron excessand hemochromatosis.

In patients onlong-term hemodialysis, it can aggregate into amyloid fibers that deposit injoint spaces, a disease known as dialysis-related amyloidosis.

β2microglobulin is necessary for cell surface expression of MHC class I andstability of the peptide binding groove. In fact, in the absence of β2microglobulin, very limited amounts of MHC class I (classical andnon-classical) molecules can be detected on the surface. In the absence of MHCclass I, CD8 T cellscannot develop. (CD8 T cells are a subset of T cells involved in thedevelopment of acquired immunity.) Low levels of β2 microglobulincan indicate non-progression of HIV.

Levels of beta-2microglobulin can be elevated in multiple myeloma and lymphoma, though in thesecases primary amyloidosis (amyloid light chain) and secondary amyloidosis(amyloid associated protein) are more common. The normal value of beta-2 microglobulinis <2 mg/L. However, with respect to multiple myeloma, the levels ofbeta2-microglobulin may also be at the other end of the spectrum. Diagnostictesting for multiple myeloma includes obtaining the beta2-microglobulin level,for this level is an important prognostic indicator. A patient with a level <4 mg/L is expected to have a median survival of 43 months, while one with alevel >4 mg/L has a median survival of only 12 months. Beta-2 microglobulinlevels cannot, however, distinguish between monoclonal gammopathy of uncertainsignificance (MGUS), which has a better prognosis, and smouldering (lowgrade) myeloma.

The β2 microglobulinprovided by our company is a recombinant protein expressed by mammalian cells,with high purity, good immunogenicity and high biological activity.It was verified to be aideal biological raw material for IVD.

Cas#: LM-001
Form: liquid
Constituents: Recombinant human B2M was dissolved in 1 xPBS(pH7.4)
Concentration: 1-2mg/ml
Shipment: ice bag
Source: A DNA sequece encoding the human B2M(NM_004048.2) fused with the Fc regin of human IgG1 was expressed by HEK293 cells.
Molecular weight: Recombinant human B2M migrates as approximately 13-14 kDa band in SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions.
Purity: >95% (determined by SDS-PAGE)
Storage: 4℃ for frequent usage,-20℃ for long-term storage. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Figure: beta2